October 23, 2015

Getting There

I finally finished up my kids' costumes last night, just in time for a trunk-or-treat tonight no less.
The headpiece for my girl was especially stressful. After a few failed ideas, and several trips to craft stores, I finally came up with a solution on attaching the starfish.

Or, so I thought. I didn't seem to take in account the weight of the starfish. The piece is a bit heavy, and droops to the side. So now I'm rethinking the position. But it looks so pretty!! I just hate to move it!

I'll get pictures of the costumes later tonight ... I hope! Definitely before Halloween!! 

On a side note ... The rest of the Canyon pre-cuts have finally arrived, along with Basic Mixologie. You find them, along with all the other new arrivals, here.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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