July 18, 2015


I was going through my stash the other day and came across my bundle of Outfoxed by Lizzy House. As soon as I pulled it out, I spotted my Art Gallery bundle of Pure Elements in Spice Shades. I've been saving both for an unknown project. 

Inspiration hit immediately.
I mean, it's like they were made for each other!

I'm not sure if I'll use all the pinks, since the Outfoxed bundle is more purple and orange. 

With my wanting to make a good sized quilt, I still needed something extra; something to fill in the gaps. So, I started pulling from the Cotton + Steel Basics, and came up with this...

Again, it's like they were all made for each other. 
I can't wait for this new quilt to come together!
However, I may have a few late nights ahead of me :)

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