May 19, 2015

Foxes In The Desert

Just a few short weeks ago, my newest nephew was born. I have made a quilt for each of my nieces and nephews. This makes number 13. My brother and his family all really loved that 'What Does The Fox Say' song. I have never heard it - I may be about the only one on the planet who hasn't. Non-the-less, when I learned they would be having another boy, I knew I wanted to make Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox Quilt. I was so anxious to make this quilt, I started pulling fabrics before the pattern even arrived! When the pattern finally did arrive, I had this cute little top put together in about 2 days! There was a lot of trimming and pressing, but all worth it. 

I've shown a few pictures here and there of my progress on Facebook. I'll share them again below, in case you missed it :)

This quilt is being hand delivered by my parents who are currently driving through 5 states to meet my new nephew, and will be arriving today. Sometimes quilts make me so happy I can hardly wait to give it to their intended. This is one of those of quilts. 

I held off on taking pictures of the final quilt for a few weeks after it was finished, only because I was going to be taking a mini-trip to Capital Reef and already knew it would be the perfect place to take pictures of these foxes. I toted it around on one of our hikes, placing it in the little 'cubbies' in the sandstone walls, finding that perfectly angled flat rock it could lay on, or over by that tree that is also very beautiful, standing tall above the rocky surrounding as if it too, was taking in all the beauty that was before it. I got left behind. A lot. 
When I finally caught up to everyone else, I saw the most perfect rock to hang the quilt from; with a little help from my mom (who is huddled along the backside).

I love this fox with the glasses on. There was a huge argument between my kids on which one I should put the glasses on. Ultimately, I decided slightly off center would be best. My boy keeps telling me where I really should have put them.

I quilted it with an all over wood grain. This is one of those patterns I felt so intimidated to do. But after squiggling it on paper a few times, quilting it was a breeze. I quickly fell into my niche, and had it quilted with in a day. Such an EASY design that I will be doing again! :)

My kids also fell in love with the foxes. They have decided that they, too, want their own fox quilt. They have been going through my stash to pick out their fabrics, and have even helped with the sewing. One top is done and currently 13 foxes into the second one. It's been fun sewing with them. I'm even more glad it's something they want to do too :)

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