May 6, 2015

Capitol Reef

A couple of weeks ago, we took a little mini vacation down to Capitol Reef National Park. My family has always had this horrible curse of it raining or snowing every time we went camping. This time was no exception. It snowed a few days before we left. On the drive, it snowed. The closer we got, the more snow there was. Luckily when we got the park, no snow. No rain. Yet. 

After we set up camp, we went on a small hike along the Fremont River. How gorgeous is this ravine?! 
It was sunny and warm, and breathtaking!

Of course, I had not escaped the family curse. It rained later that night, for a couple of hours. Our tiny [4] man tent doesn't have a real roof. It's mesh, with a separate cover in case of weather. Which also means that the wind blows up under the cover and directly in the tent. Good thing I packed about 5 quilts with me :)

The next morning was still pretty cold, but as soon as the sun came out, it warmed up quickly and we set out on our next hike up Cohab Canyon.

I love this canyon! I can't even describe how beautiful it is. Good thing I took a few pictures!

My parents and nephews accompanied us. Between us, there were 4 kids. They did awesome! This hike was a little over 3 miles round trip. We took our time and enjoyed it. It took about 4 hours. The kids walked the whole way. 

Later, we did another stroll through Grand Wash. Another incredible piece of Earth! The best part for the kids was climbing in all the little pockets along the Wash walls. I'm not ashamed to say, that was fun for me too :) 

We only stayed 2 nights. I wish it could have been longer, but that just means I have to go back. And, really, I can't wait!


  1. Looks like fun! I love Utah - such a beautiful and friendly state!

  2. Those photos are so stunning! What a beautiful trip!


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