August 13, 2014

Scrap HST's

Like most of you, I have a TON of scraps! 

I save pretty much everything, thinking I will use it somewhere someday. About the only thing I've done with them so far is applique onesies and blankets. But still, I save. And save. And save. 

Yesterday I thought I would get started with all the excess from corner clippings that I have collected. I generally save these stacked nicely in zip lock bags. However, I must have placed the majority in a box or something, because I was only able to find one bag. And it just so happened to be the clippings of Cuzco I used for my Supernova Quilt

I love the side view of fabric all stacked up.

I have an idea for a scrap quilt to use up all those little triangles; 
and to get started I chain-sewed them all into half square triangles (HST's). 

Threads clipped and stacked neatly. 
I love the layers of color!

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  1. I am collecting scrap HSTs, too! Would love to see what you do with these...


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