August 7, 2014

Fairy Forest

A couple months ago, a friend of mine told me about a Fairy Forest she heard about. After doing a bit of research, I was able to find Its location, and we all went out there last month. This place was so amazing! It's located in an area of woods that was so open, with trails winding in and out of the trees. Nestled below the trees, in the trees and  in the small clearings were fairy houses, dwellings, villages and trinkets for all the fairies.

First thing we saw was the Enchanted Forest, where Tinkerbell and her friends live. 

This little ranch was my absolute favorite! I love the little pigs and cows. It even had a little chicken coop!

Fairy Stonehenge.

We spent a couple hours in the forest. There was so much to see, I don't think we got to it all. Every couple of seconds one of the kids would call out "Woah, look at this!" "Look what I found!" "Hey guys, I found something over here!". 

My kids wanted to make some houses for the fairies too. So I got a couple of small bird houses and some glitter paint. I found a cute little set of picket fence and picked out a few fake flowers. The kids also brought home a few pine cones to paint.

 A couple days later, we headed back to the forest to give the fairies their new houses. A few minutes after we got there, we got caught in a hail storm that lasted at least half an hour! We were pretty soaked by the time we found a good spot for our houses.

We also sprinkled some glitter around their new houses and marked a pathway for visitors. 

Hope y'all have a magical day! :)

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