April 22, 2014


Yesterday I received the most unexpected gift in the mail. Kate Spain, who is one of the sweetest people to meet in person, sent me a couple of minis of her newest line Horizon!!

Kate showed a peek of Horizon a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't seen it, hop on over to her blog

I am a big fan of not only Kate's designs, but the colors she uses too. (I'm still hoarding Central Park, and a bit of Cuzco. I think I still have some Good Fortune too) 
I even used Cuzco for my cover quilt of Supernova. I've been thinking of redoing it in Sunnyside, but Horizon may have just been bumped to the top :)

Horizon starts shipping in September and will be available in the shop! I, for one, can not wait for Horizon to come out! In the mean time, I've been rolling a few ideas around for these minis. I'm thinking of keeping it small with a mini quilt!


  1. Oh please more sneak peeks! I love Kate and her colors and designs! Can't wait to see it in your store!
    Do you have Solstice already?

  2. Yes! Solstice arrived a couple weeks ago. You can find it here: http://stores.fabricseeds.com/solstice/

  3. I love Kate Spain's fabric lines too - she is on the top of my list!!!

  4. Checked out Kate's blog and love this fabric…the colors are beautiful!! Look forward to seeing what you create with those minis!


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