November 4, 2013

Heart+ {a delivery}

I visited my Grandmother a few days ago to take her new quilt to her.
I had hoped to get a picture of her with her quilt, but funny thing about my Grandma. She will take all the embarrassing pictures of the family as she can get, but when it comes to any sort of picture of her, she hides.
This time was no different. Out of respect, and all those embarrassing pictures she may have on me, I decided not to post it.

Although my Grandmother is a quilter herself, I did not learn the craft from her. In truth, though I knew she made quilts as I was growing up, I can't say that I knew she quilted them. We borrowed her frames frequently for tie-ing quilts, and that's kinda all I knew. 

She didn't just do the quilting by hand either, but much of the piecing too. My grandparents used to travel the road quite a bit, and during their road trips, Grandma would piece blocks or knit. 

She may not have been the one to teach me about quilting, but she has been the one who inspired me to be better at it. I started as a hand quilter. I'm glad I did. However, I went into it blindly. All I had ever done was tie a quilt. My stitches were horrible. I'm okay with that. In fact, I'm proud of that! That first quilt lays on my bed, falling apart. But the stitches are still there. It's pretty nostalgic to look back at where I started and see now where I am. I believe my art has became better, because I had that push from my Grandma to be better.

As with any, I could only hope that she would love this quilt. When I handed her the quilt, she could hardly believe the size of it (measuring 54"x72"), that it was a 'real' quilt.

She barely unwrapped it all the way before she was cuddling up underneath.

I'll take that as the biggest compliment that could received.

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