September 17, 2013

Never Too Early

I get asked quite often what I do with my kids while I sew. When they were smaller, and less mobile, I would sew during their nap times. At times I even craddled them in one arm and sewed with the other during their infancy when they wouldn't allow me to put them down without a fuss. I sneak in bits of sewing when they are playing nicely together and at night after they've gone to bed.

A few months ago, my boy accompanied me to a local shop while I was trying to hunt down specific fabrics for a quilt. He found himself some fabric adorned with skeleton parts and bone descriptions. My boy is fascinated by skeletons and how the body works. How any body works. He was so excited when he found this fabric. He asked if he could make a pillowcase with it. Of course I had to buy it for him.

As soon as we got home, he was ready to sew. He did such an excellent job! I showed him how to start and stop the machine himself and when to pull the pins out. Using a 1/4" guide, he stayed pretty on track. There was only one or two times the fabric started to veer off and he had to back up a little.

Even his little sister wanted to help! She has also requested that she make herself a pillowcase as well. However, she's a little more indecisive on fabric than her brother.  

I am so impressed with how well he did for his first time sewing. He absolutely loves his new pillowcase and has been showing it to everyone that comes to our house. He won't even use a pillow now, unless it has his pillowcase on it.

He constantly studies the bones before going to bed. He can even look at them after the lights are turned off, because it GLOWS IN THE DARK! I am so proud of my little guy! I love that he has such a curiosity for life and wants to share in his learning. I am constantly amazed and impressed by all that he knows at such a young age. I am so glad to have him as my little buddy!


  1. Made me smile...Awwe..they grow up so fast. My boys have long past the days of caring what momma does in the sewing room. Enjoy the innocence while you can!

  2. Love this! His face concentrating on his work is priceless! Love this awesome fabric he's chosen too. What special memories Sarah. You can tell just how much he loves it and he should certainly be proud of his work! Fun times! :)

  3. Love to see boys sewing. Its great that its a skill he might develop in the future instead of thinking 'that's girl stuff'! I love his fabric choices too. Who wouldn't want a cool pillow like that?!


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