April 19, 2013

1600 Jelly Roll Quilt

Have you done the 1600 Jelly Roll race? I learned about this quilt last year sometime. I'd seen some finished, but didn't know the name of it until a local customer bought a couple of Rolie Polies and mentioned she was using them for a baby size of the 1600 Jelly Roll. It's been on my mind since.

For those who do not know what it is, It's a great quilt to do as a competition with friends, sewing group or guild, or just to set your own personal goal. All you need is one Jelly Roll, sew all strips together in random order end to end. Then, fold in half and cut at the half mark. Sew the two strips together on the longside, fold in half and cut, continue sewing and cutting in half until you have desired length; add a border if desired and you have a beautiful quilt in no time! Check out this gorgeous one Britney did as part of a class...

For the quilting, Britney wanted an all over pattern with something different in the border. She also gave me free range. I did an echo daisy with swirls to fill the center, a little cross-hatching on the inner border and a wavy feather with a spine fill in the outer border. I had to go around the border 5 times! I love how it turned out! Even better, Britney does too!

I may have gone over board with the pictures here :)


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