December 10, 2012

The Tenth Day Of December

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December the Tenth

I've been participating in a local boutique for the holidays. Over the weekend, I received an order for appliqued onsies in a particular size (that was now sold out at the boutitique). I put a little heart shaped tag on each one. My kids saw me punching out the hearts and wanted to do to the same. I have 2 punches, large and small. My little girl can't squeeze the large punch and my boy was adiment on having the small punch. After some convincing he finally handed it over to little sister. After punching a heart, they would turn to each other and say "I made you a heart!". At some point during one of these exchanges, my boy was offering the heart to little Paisley. She excitedly said "thank you", which he replied, "you're welcome. Merry Christmas!" and gave her a big hug and a kiss. It was a such a sweet thing to watch.
and those punches kept them busy all night long!

Today I am giving away a Cinnamon Spice charm pack by Blackbird Designs

Cinnamon Spice Charm Pack

To be in the draw, leave a comment telling me the best-worst gift you ever got.
A couple years ago, my husband filled my stocking with 40 AA batteries that he picked up from his work on his way out on Christmas Eve, because he forgot to get anything for stockings.

One comment per person. Open to everyone.
Winner will be drawn tomorrow, by Random.


  1. One Christmas my MIL gave me a knitted leopardskin jumper which was several sizes too small! UGH!!

  2. Last year all my kids came in on the same day, first time in years we had been all together at one time, Priceless!

  3. the best presents i get are the ones my kids make me. love them and put them out every year

  4. The worst one we got was a chopping board and a bucket from my Mother in Law ..... we were saving to get married at the time, great eh, bet you are jealous. LOL Hugs xx

  5. My daughter writes notes/letters to go with her gifts. They always make me cry happy tears.

  6. One year my husband bought me a beautiful picture that I had been admiring in a store. I didn't ask for it, but he obsrved that i really wanted it. That rarely happens.

  7. The best present I ever received was a surprise necklace from my husband for no particular reason.

  8. The best gift was from my husband who bought me a bus ticket to see my best friend who had moved interstate and had a baby. I was missing her a lot and having a hard year and he thought that it would help me. Such a wonderful, thoughtful present!!

  9. Best gift I ever got was from my youngest son who bought me a present at his school. It was a cute little vase with hearts on it, so I could put flowers in it. He bought presents for all the other family members too, each one meaning something special to him. It was very sweet! Thanks for the giveaway :)