October 15, 2012


My crafting has been in over-drive lately; too many projects are piling up and they all seem to have a deadline.

Maybe it's that time of year. Do you start feeling overwhelmed closer to the holidays? I'm still trying to figure out my little guy's Halloween costume. Not to mention the new bag I wanted to make for Market.

Most projects are for others, which I really don't mind, and am quite grateful to provide my services. It's the calendar that's the problem. Every time I look at it, every time I see the date getting closer to the end of the month, the month getting closer to the end of the year, I subsconciously make a mental list of everything I need to have done and when it needs to be done by. I tend to over think things, especially when it comes to time. I know I can get it all done, and ahead of schedule. But that doesn't stop the stress. with stress comes demotivation by day, insomnia by night.  

If only I could be motivated enough to stitch through my insomnia ...

One big demotivator is trying to finish up some of the house painting that I thought would be easy to do with my kids in the house. Which has been preventing me from taking any 'after' pictures of my newly refurbished house. well, that, and the fact that my kids got right back into their tornado-like activities and I really hate to take a picture that would never make it in Better Homes & Gardens (I blame Pinterest for this).

At least I can leave you with a little something.
Here is an 'after' picture of my living room floors - mid move-in.

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  1. I'm the same way. Halloween costumes, Christmas quilt and lots of clothes for the holidays. That's my to do list. And what did we do this weekend? Go camping- so now I have all that to clean up from, too.

    But it was worth it!


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