June 4, 2012

nap time

The other day I sent the kids to nap. Argyle was having a hard time with that since he didn't think he was tired. I put him in bed and he threw a fit; he didn't want any blankets on, which is fine. I left the room and he went right to sleep. A little while later I had to get something from the room, so I opened the door quietly.

Here is how I found him:

The night before he told me he wanted me to make him an octopus quilt. I have the absolute perfect fabric that I had bought at least 10 years ago. I just haven't come up with the absolute perfect pattern yet. So, when he said he wanted an octopus quilt, I immediately pulled out the fabric to show him. I don't remember the exact yardage, but it's at least 8. He kept it by the bed along with some other fish fabric. He pulled both up on the bed with him. I love that he curled up under the octopus fabric.

Now to get going on that quilt for him!


  1. I have half made a humpty dumpty blanket for my daughter but I am not allowed to take it off her bed to finish it, unless she is able to help (she is two!!!).
    I still need to sew a binding onto it and finish off the quilting too.
    Good luck with the octopus quilt, hope you can find a pattern that works for both of you.


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