May 30, 2012

a little spring cleaning

I'm not really a Spring Cleaning type of gal. I have to be in the mood to clean, to really clean. Yes, I vaccum the floor about 6 times a day, on average. I do the dishes at least twice a day, and the laundry never seems to end. And yet, I feel like my house is always a mess ... hmm ... do you think it has anything to do with my kids emptying their drawers minutes after I fill them, or throwing their toys from room to room and clearing the book shelves at once a day ... Yeah. I didn't think so! :)

Anyway, I have been doing some clearing out the past few weeks. Every once in a while I get in the mood to just throw everything away. I haven't thrown everything away, but have cleared out quite a bit. I had been saving the empty bolts in my closet. My closet door either closes really, really well and takes a brute force to open, or remains open a tiny bit so I don't have to injure myself trying to get it open (it's on my list of things to fix). So it has remained open wide enough for my to throw the empty bolts in. It was also being blocked well by quilts that I still need to finish, stacks of scraps I am using for my Farmer's Wife quilt (took a loooong break on that one), boxes of patterns and fabrics, and other sewing stuff that won't fit under the bed. I started cleaning this area last week. As it was being pulled from the closet door, the door slowly started opening on Its own, with several bolts, packing supplies and small boxes came tumbling down. It was quite comical, I thought.

It also got me thinking about the clutter accumulating on my website. So, today I took some time to clean it up. Take out all the sold out items, and links that go no where. Which then lead me to take a look at my inventory and start marking things down on clearance. So far I have managed to mark down 60 items, and still haven't gone through them all.

The good news is my closet is clean and the door will shut if I need it to.
You can find the clearance section here.

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