May 28, 2012


Yesterday, I put together this quilt top.
(The quilt is meant to be a throw, and is also a gift.)

If you follow along my Facebook page, then you probably already know I was having trouble with this quilt. I had sewn half of the blocks wrong on one side. But, didn't notice until I had half the rows sewn together.

After all the sewing, unpicking and resewing, the top was done! Even with all the extra work in there, it didn't take too long to complete. It measures about 45x60.

Here's my dilema - - - I wasn't really paying attention the fabric I chose as backing, and didn't take note that it is, in fact, directional; and I would not be able to piece it with selvege ends parallel to the top and bottom (make sense?). Wanting my backing to run in the direction from top to bottom, it's just a few inches short from using the backing as one piece.

 I'm not too excited about having to piece the back for 4 inches. Hubby thinks I should piece it, either with the same the fabric or with a small border. I was thinking more along the lines of taking off 1 row from the adjacent sides, making the top approximately 40x55.

What do you think? 
What would you do, piece the back, or unpick to fit? I am really stuck!

P.S. fabrics are Daisy Cottage by Bee In My Bonnet, and can be found here.
pattern is Chevron Accent Throw by Cindy Keery, and is available in PDF here.


  1. Or.... One more row pieced into the back to give you the width that you need ?

  2. How about piece a strip of the grey into the back. Then you could put a homemade label on the grey since it is a gift. After all the work on the top, I'd hate to take a row out (but that's just me).

  3. I would slash the back and add a contrast plain strip to it. Not sure if the back is grey and pink or white and pink/red but I would go with either a plain white or grey and perhaps position it off centre. You could also add a pieced section to match the front into the white/grey contrast strip just for continuity with the front if you want. I wouldn't make the quilt smaller, its easier to make the backing larger I feel.

  4. It looks great, Sarah! I'm so pleased to see your lovely completed quilt top. :)



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