April 19, 2012

4 days straight

I have spent the last 4 days with my best friend from childhood. I wish I could give you more details, but the fact is, my friend has her first line of fabric, which is debuting at the Spring Quilt Market; along with the patterns she has to go with this adorable fabric.

She is 8 1/2 months prego and just received her fabric a few days ago.
We have been sewing our butts off, trying (and so far succesfully) to make 14 quilts in 2 weeks time.
Or less.

Being the good friend that I am, I sew while she cuts.
Or is that, I cut while she sews.

Oh wait, (teasing in full) It's I cut AND sew while she sits across from me pretending to be doing anything but what she should be doing. After all, she IS pregnant! (I certainly hope she's reading this)

As with anything, for every action, there is an equal reaction.

Cutting. Sewing. Trimming.

It's been a great week.
The time has really flown by.
Maybe a little too fast.
I love it!

I will show more pictures when I get the go-ahead.
You guys are gonna love it!


  1. Well, whatever that fabric is, I love the colors! You're a good friend! I wish I had a friend with a fabric line!

  2. It has been a great week of sewing and a great week catching up with you some more. It feels a lot like old times. I have to defend myself though, I so have done some sewing ;P But you're right, I haven't done nearly as much as you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    Jen, thanks for your comments on the colors. I had a blast playing with them to get them just right. I can't wait to show everyone more.


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