March 28, 2012

Squaring Up

I started another Houndstooth Quilt. I noticed that the pattern has instructions for 2 different sizes, so I thought a smaller size houndstooth would also be fun to make. Originally, I was going to use the leftover from the first one I made and the orange flowers from the Fly A Kite line. But, while I was picking up some fabric last week, I took a look around and found an olive solid and the green flowers from Fly A kite. I thought this would be a good alternative, still pairing it with the grey from the first quilt.

I was working on cutting the striped squares at night, in my very poorly living room. Thinking everything would be okay, since I have done it a million times before, regardless of how tired I actually was. I wanted to get everything cut before going to bed. It was only about 930pm. Well, I should have just put it away, and waited until the next day. As I was pressing all my new squares the next day, I noticed they were all a bit skiwompas. Quite discouraging when you have 80 squares that now need to be trimmed.

It took a few days, but I finally managed to get them all from this:

To this:

And had a nice little pile like this:

The whole time I was trimming theses squares, and putting the trims in a pile, I couldn't help but think how much it looks like Spinach Fetuccini Alfredo. I believe that was mostly attributed to the poor lighting.
But still, Just look at it ---

Happy Sewing!

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