January 11, 2012

charm swap help

Good Morning Blogland!
Well, the response to my charm swap was pretty low (borderline non-existent).
Maybe you could help me out a bit?

Are you waiting to see how many wanna join before you join yourself?

Is it because you don't like the theme?

or you're simply not interested?

I have a lot of fun ideas for the rest of the year, but if it's because the interest is not there, I won't try again (at least not for a long while).
If it's just because the theme for this month is not appealing, maybe you could give a suggestion?
Or is it because my blog has become so inundated with postings of what fabric has just come in that you just don't stop by anymore (I know it's dull, I"m trying to make it more interesting. I just don't always have something to showcase).

I'd really like to hear from you of what y'all are expecting. In the meantime, Have a wonderful day!


  1. Honestly I would probably just buy a moda charm pack if I wanted some valentine's day fabrics. People seem to like color themed swaps - like "orange/aqua/grey" charms more than holiday themed based on what I've seen in bloggyland. Good luck!

  2. It's the theme for me. I would love to swap in the future though!

  3. Too expensive for me I live in France, but I do read your blog xx

  4. I read your blog. I've never done a charm swap before and I'd love to participate. But, I'm not sure about the theme for this one. We're not big on Valentine's Day. I'd love to participate on one with a color theme or something for children/babies?

  5. I don't know if I could keep up with a monthly charm swap. I wouldn't mind doing a one off at some stage though.


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