September 14, 2011

An Orchard in Bloom

I've spent half the day yesterday framing Grandma's quilt. I had to drive an hour to get frames that were big enough, and spent 4-5 hours putting it up. I forgot to bring my clamps so I had to find someone who I could borrow from. And ... I don't know how y'all put your quilts up on frames, but I grew up using my Grandma's frames. She tacked them with flannel, and would just pin the quilt to the flannel. my hubby's [other] grandma tacks the quilt to the frame. no flannel. Not only did I have to scramble to find someone with clamps, but I also had to pick up some tacks from the local quilt shop. It took a lot longer tacking the quilt down, than what I am used to, and it had a lot more pull on the fabric too. I don't think I like that method.
I also had to set the whole thing up by myself. I really don't mind, because I am quite picky about it, but it sure took a loooong time. Fortunately I did get help for the turning. I'm hoping to get some time in this week to start the quilting process.

AND ... I still have to try out the tips left for nail polish removal in my previous post.

I already feel worn out. :)

my farmer's wife week 10:

Maple Leaf

Practical Orchard

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