August 11, 2011

Worthwhile and Purposeful Things

I've had a pretty productive week. I finished the top to Grandma's quilt. (still need to photograph it) and I was able to finish sewing the top to a baby quilt I am working on. I still need to add some applique to it. I should have pictures of that one soon as well.
I am showing the quilt to Grandma tomorrow, and really hoping she likes it. My house is so small, I don't have enough space to lay it all out at once. So, even I haven't seen the finished product in Its entirety.

Amongst all this other sewing, I was able to get a few more blocks to my Farmer's Wife quilt done.

My Farmer's Wife week 7:

Churn Dash

Squash Blossoms



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  1. I love your bow tie! I have only seen that pattern with the bow the same looks so much nicer in two colours. Linda


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