July 28, 2011

The Best of All Good Things

my Farmer's Wife week 5:

I've been cutting and sewing my Farmer's Wife blocks at night, after the kids go to bed; usually during the news. Alot of these sew together really fast, which I like since there is so many.
I can't say that my fabric selection always works out like I would like it to; but for the most part, I'm happy with my decisions. (note: attic windows)
Mother's Dream


Attic Windows

End Of Day

This is by far my favorite block!
I have desperately been trying to finish two quilt tops. Bit by bit I am getting closer to finishing Grandma's. However, I think I might have to take a sewing break. Which I hate the thought of. At least until my hubby can be home to watch the kiddos.

My poor machine.

I bought a brand-spankin-new (floor model) machine last year after my old, bought as is, no longer manufactured, don't even know how old it is machine had an untimely near death.
You see, little Argyle, being ever so interested in my sewing machine, likes to pretend that he can sew too. Only, he would try to climb on the table to play with the thread, and everything else. It resulted in the machine falling to the floor.
Luckily it was okay.
And it would have been fine, except, it happened again. That time is was not fine. The power won't stay on and the only stitch it does is basting. I was going to get it fixed, but it was going to cost almost as much as I paid just for analysis. I thought I better just get a new, reliable machine.

I am so glad I did!
It has so many new gadgets and gizmos. I love my new machine.

It's had a really bad week.

Paisley also has a strong intrest in my machine. Sometimes when I stand up to press, she will sit in my spot and put scraps of fabric like she sewing. I think it is adorable.
I don't let the kids play with my machine, except for small instances like that.
The other day, I was out watering my garden and left the hubby in charge. When I came back in Argyle came running to me saying he was fixing my machine. I was quickly blocked by hubby who said ever so softly "I did try to save it."
Paisley, who was under the watch of hubby, climbed up to my machine, and pushed it over!
I quickly checked to make sure everything was still working, and it was fine. I put it away. Which meant that not even I could get to it. The next day I went crazy not being able to sew and with so much on my to-do list.

Yesterday I decided I couldn't not sew. I pulled my machine out during nap time and was able to get the rest of the sections done I need for Grandma's quilt. Nap time was done and I was making lunch. Keeping an eye out for the munchkins. I opened the fridge, and CRASH! My machine was on the floor.
I picked it up, but still trying to get the kid's lunch made, thought it would be okay for another minute while I made their plates. Oh, how wrong I was!
My poor machine was knocked over almost as soon as I turned my back.

It is still fine.

Everything (so far) still works.

Don't worry, the kids are alright too. The machine is the only thing that took a tumble.
The kids just got a really long time-out.

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