June 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife

Have you heard of the Farmer's Wife quilt a long? I started seeing blocks made for this around blog-land last week. Usually I find out about this sort of stuff when it's too late. But guess what, it's only on week 3! It just started at the beginning of this month, and with 111 blocks total, making 2 a week, there is ple-enty of time to join. The best part of this is, you go at your own pace and choose the blocks you make each week.

I have been getting more and more into history, especially when it comes to quilting. This quilt will be perfect for my ever-growing list of quilts to make. My Grandfather was a farmer, and I dabble a little myself. My husband has spent his whole life in the greenhouse business, which is a form of farming; Agricultural anyway. We sell at the Farmers Market every year, and I absolutely love it! I keep dreaming of having acres of land to plod along at. With a barn, so I could have a barn quilt painted on it.
Hmm..maybe my shed would work in the meantime...

I ordered some books and they should be arriving in a couple weeks. So if you are still looking for one, I will have extra in the store.
I also grabbed this awesome button made by my internet friend, Monica of the Happy Zombie (I just love her! she is so talented in so many ways and always so nice)

I really can not wait to get started on this. The only hard part - trying to figure out what fabric to use.

Also on my list, the Civil War Chronicles. The blocks depict the stories of 12 women who were married to the military commanders.

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  1. I'm with you on the historic quilts - I started the Dear Jane quilt a couple of months ago and I love working on it but haven't had the time lately


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