May 22, 2011

Paisley's Party

We had an ice cream themed party for my little Paisley. It rained all day. Not a good way to start an outdoor party. Luckily we have a gazebo and a couple canopies that we had set up the week before. The rain and wind was so bad that I spent half the day attaching tarps to the sides of everything. About 2 hours before the party, the rain finally stopped. We built a fire and it warmed up a little bit.

I decorated the gazebo with icicle lights, chinese lanterns and butterflies.

I made Paisley a dress and matching shoes for her party. She had a hard time letting me take any pictures. She kept coming towards me, making it difficult to get a good photograph.

the shoes turned out to be too small and wouldn't fit. I didn't have time to make new ones before the party.

I almost didn't get a picture of the food before it was all gone. One thing we has was fruit salad in waffle cones with whipped cream.
I forgot to take pictures of the drink, but it was a raspberry creme float in clear tea cups.

Her cake was 3 big scoops of "ice cream", and ice cream cones for everyone else.

I must have done a good job frosting these, because there was a few people who thought it was actual ice cream.

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  1. OMG I thought it was ice cream too.... how clever....Happy Birthday Paisley, your dress is lovely.


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